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Eko-Okna – development of wooden joinery


Eko-Okna – development of wooden joinery

photo EKO-OKNA | Eko-Okna – development of wooden joinery

Eko-Okna company is already after investments in machines to the wooden joinery production. In addition to PVC and aluminum joinery, the company's offer also includes wooden joinery. 

Facts speak for themselves. Nowadays, clients are much more educated, and their choices are becoming more and more conscious. Therefore, wooden joinery is a part of a company’s offer already for many years.

Decision about development of wooden joinery was made several years ago, hence investments in machine park. We have launched a complete line to the production of wooden joinery, which was equipped with a comprehensive multi-machining center Biesse Winline 16 to the production of wooden windows and doors. This machine is equipped with EPS table, pressure regulator, blower for clamping without tension and Safe Locker sensor for control purposes. It is worth noting that multi-machining center Biesse Winline 16 was first introduced in Poland at our company. The choice of a line wasn’t accidental. It is a model already checked in WesternEurope, guaranteeing quality and repeatability of products – comments Dominik Czerwiński, director of wooden joinery in Eko-Okna S.A.

In the field of wooden joinery, the company offers windows and doors in three systems: Naturo 68, Naturo 76 and Naturo 88. There is also possibility to use aluminium covers.

We are prepared for the new challenges posed by the market. In the field of wooden joinery, we guarantee fast delivery terms as well as delivery of a whole joinery from the one manufacturer. Clients are satisfied that with a one transport they receive PVC, aluminium and wooden windows and doors, as well as garage doors, roller shutters or façade blinds. We are a company with an established position in the market thanks to which we guarantee continuity of deliveries and cooperation – adds Michał Maciejewski, commercial director of Eko-Okna S.A. 

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