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Cortizo PVC presents the new A 84 Passivhaus 1.0 system at Veteco


At VETECO 2018 CORTIZO PVC presents the new A 84 PASSIVHAUS 1.0 hinged system with a depth of 84 mm and profiling of 6 interior chambers with steel reinforcement and thermal break.

This window has been certified for the warm-temperate category (Uw ≤ 1.0 W/m²K) by the prestigious German Passivhaus Institut and can reach a Uw transmittance value of just 0.74 W/m²K, making it an ideal solution for low energy consumption buildings in areas with warm and temperate climates, such as Spain.

It has a maximum glazing capacity of 54 mm and acoustic insulation of up to 46 dB, thus reducing heating and air conditioning consumption and offering exceptional comfort in the home.

All these benefits are reinforced by some excellent AEV [air-water-wind] test results: Class 4 air permeability, Class E1500 water tightness and Class C5 wind resistance. Like the entire CORTIZO PVC range, the new A 84 PASSIVHAUS 1.0 also stands out for the quality of its profiles: CLASS A (main wall thickness of 3 mm), CLASS S (suitable for severe climates, optimal solar behaviour) and CLASS II (maximum impact resistance).

The A 84 PASSIVHAUS 1.0 system is elegant with clean lines and is offered in a wide range of finishes including white, colour, two-tone, imitation wood and metallic. It is available in both window and balcony versions with maximum sheet sizes of 1400 mm wide by 2400 high, weight of up to 130 kilos per sheet, and the possibility of internal opening, including casement, tilt-and-turn, parallel tilt-and-slide or folding.

The new CORTIZO PVC series extends the Galician multinational’s catalogue of Passivhaus solutions, which already included the A84 Passivhaus HI system certified for cold and temperate climates. Since its launch a year ago, the A84 Passivhaus HI has become a reference for walls for low energy consumption buildings, offering the best thermal performance on the market with a Uw transmittance value of just 0.66 W/m².
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