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Live the quiet life with Close-Motion door closers


Live the quiet life with Close-Motion door closers

photo ASSA ABLOY | Live the quiet life with Close-Motion door closers

Imagine if we could all enjoy peace and quiet combined with the safety and security provided by automatic closing doors. ASSA ABLOY new Close-Motion door closers offer the solution to meet this need.

Automated settings for secure or fire-regulated closing are often so strong that they cause the door to slam into its frame. Such regular loud noise adversely affects the well-being, concentration and rest patterns of a building’s occupants.

ASSA ABLOY now offer a solution to combat this. Their door closers with Close-Motion technology shut single- or double-leaf doors almost inaudibly, ensuring a quieter, secure environment for everyone. Close-Motion quickly closes the door to a narrow gap, then pulls it slowly, quietly and securely to shut tight. All you hear is a soft click.

Close-Motion brings peace and quiet when people really need it – when they are working, learning, relaxing, recovering or sleeping, says Andreas Gmelin, Product Management and Business Development Director, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA.

Environmental noise is not a trivial problem. It is important to avoid unnecessary acoustic pollution at the workplace, in educational and cultural facilities, in homes and hotels, as well as hospitals.

Close-Motion works reliably even in the most difficult conditions, handling wind pressure, draughts or air suction with ease. The result is reduced environmental noise, increased building security and minimized energy waste.

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