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Saguatti knob lands on the island of Isola


Saguatti knob lands on the island of Isola.

photo Saguatti | Saguatti knob lands on the island of Isola.

Saguatti has been manufacturing accessories for doors and shutters since 1960. The company focuses in particular on door knobs and has recently presented their new Isola series.

Isola is the new way to equip the door through an elegant and essential design for a touch of freshness on the frames. Isola can be applied easily and it allows for mounting Saguatti knobs even on very thin vertical doorposts. All Saguatti knobs can be mounted on the Isola, choosing from many colours matchings.

The installation of Isola is very simple: at first, you only have to screw the base of the island on the door using the selftapping screws provided. For thin doorposts you can use 4 screws, otherwise, in case of an even thinner doorpost, just the 3 external screws. If the doorposts are wide enough you can open the two blind holes of the island and use 4 screws. You can easily open the blind holes using a bradawl or a hammer.

Once the base is mounted, you have to add the covering plate and screw the knob washer using two self-tapping crews provided. Use "A" holes for mounting nylon and stainless steel knobs, with 70 mm head diameter and 60 mm base-diameter. Use "B" holes for all the other knobs with 80 mm head diameter and 70 mm base-diameter. Lastly, the "C" holes allow to fix, in a classy look version, 80 mm diameter knobs in an off-center position to the side of the island.

In case of an opposing installation (outside-inside of the door), it is possible to use the through screws provided to insert them in two holes of the island adding the self-tapping screws to obtain a perfect locking.