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A Cut Above


A Cut Above

photo NORSEAL | A Cut Above

Door seal specialist Norseal says it has become the first company in Europe to invest in develop a custom-made drop seal cutting machine. 

The machine will cut any drop seal to the exact size required, ready for next day delivery, without damaging it, and so keeping the fire, smoke and acoustic integrity of the door intact. Every door seal cut to size by us with its new equipment comes with a one million cycle guarantee.

MD Michael Spoors: We have invested in the new cutting machine as part of our ongoing commitment to offer the best customer service proposition in the business. It will accurately cut its Norsound range of any acoustic, smoke, and or weather drop seals to the exact size required ready for immediate fitting on site or in the factory. It will put an end to the incorrect size being cut on site, and eliminate the damage that can be caused to drop seals by cutting by hand which can deform or bend, rendering the seal useless.

We believe that this new machine will revolutionise the fitting of drop seals for door manufacturers and contractors. It not only eliminates an entire manufacturing process for them to save time in production or on site, it will also massively reduce wastage with its accurate and damage-free cutting. All of the seals we cut on the machine will still be available for next day delivery and, best of all, the service is completely free of charge for customers.

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