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Perfect coating and improved appearance


Perfect coating and improved appearance

photo Ensinger | Perfect coating and improved appearance

Ensinger has developed ESPOC, a solution that can be applied to insulbar profiles. ESPOC is a thin layer that is applied to both our standard profiles and customised profile designs using an innovative process. The result is an almost perfect powder coating of the profiles in our customers' systems - the ESPOC effect.

Regardless of the moisture content of the profiles treated with ESPOC, the attraction of the powder remains at a constantly high level during the coating process. An optimum coating result can be achieved even with dry profiles and the  "blistering effect" (formation of bubbles in the coating process) can be eliminated. ESPOC can be applied on various profile contours at the desired surface, including protrusions and undercuts. You can find information on the optimum procedure here.


The surface is made electrically conductive using an innovative process. The electrostatically charged powder particles are attracted to the earthed surface of the insulating profile in a similar way to the attraction of conductive metals. This means that both aluminium-plastic assembled profiles and solitary PA profiles can be optimally coated, resulting in an outstanding appearance in both cases.

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