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TechnologieForumZukunft 'Correct cleaning of PVC windows'



photo GKFP | TechnologieForumZukunft "Correct cleaning of PVC windows"

Get an insight into current projects on the proper cleaning of PVC windows by RAL Guetegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme e.V. (GKFP), a member of the European Trade Association of PVC Window System Supplier (EPPA).

Since February 2021, the RAL Guetegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme e.V. (GKFP) (GKFP) has been inviting participants to its "TechnologieForumZukunft", a series of webinars aiming to address current topics with regard to PVC  windows. It´s about to handle the perspective of quality assurance and to share knowledge in a clear manner.

This year, GKFP entered the fourth round of this interactive platform to explain the right way to clean PVC windows properly. The hybrid event took place on Thursday, October 26, 2023 from 10:00-12:00 at the premises of multi-media systeme AG near Karlsruhe. In addition to online access, the event offered interested parties the opportunity to attend on site. Altogether 66 participants took the opportunity get up-to-date information. Window manufacturers, end users, architects, planners, representatives of the housing industry and interested professionals were addressed.

The first part of the forum consisted of two lectures. In the first lecture, Harald Neunzehn, Head of Foil Service at RENOLIT SE, reported on both the approach and cleaning agents for cleaning foiled surfaces from the perspective of film manufacturer. In the second lecture, Marco Themel, laboratory manager at FENOPLAST Fügetechnik GmbH, dealt in particular with the correct cleaning of white PVC profiles. 

In the following panel, experts answered the moderator's questions as well as questions from the audience, which could be submitted live as well as via chat message. The panel examined the topic from five perspectives: system houses (Dominik Mathes; aluplast GmbH), maintenance cleaning (Andreas Grüb, Konrad Hornschuch AG), science (Dr. Benjamin Fiedler, IFO Institut für Oberflächentechnik GmbH), damage cases (Thomas Haier, IDEAL Fensterbau Weinstock GmbH), professional cleaning (Philipp Ambruch, Rudolf Ambruch Fassadenpflege GmbH) and quality assurance (Gerald Feigenbutz, RAL Guetegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme e.V.).

How consumers deal with the issue was presented in an opinion poll shot in downtown Bonn. In addition, housing associations had their say. As a result we learned, among other things, helpful recommendations for the proper cleaning of PVC windows under the scope of the quality perspective.

In addition to the recording of the event, further information material, such as flyers and brochures, is available and can be requested from GKFP afterwards. All previous events in this series have also been recorded and can be viewed on GKFP´s YouTube channel.

Info-Flyer on the cleaning of plastic windows

In 2020, GKFP has published a flyer with recommendations for the cleaning of PVC windows. Its aim is to provide a guideline to window fabricators and end customers. In consideration of latest test results, it is planned to create a joint guideline for the cleaning and care of PVC windows together with the Guetegemeinschaft Reinigung von Fassaden (GRM), Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Cleaning of plastic windows - underestimated relevance

Results of the project work of the RAL Guetegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme e.V., scientific findings, sales voices as well as consumer feedback unanimously underline the relevance of regular and correct cleaning of PVC windows. GKFP wants to provide information in the form of events, which is supported by the above-mentioned TechnologieForumZukunft event, among others.
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