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OUTDOOR BUILD 2023 – Polish window and door industry invites to EXPO Krakow


OUTDOOR BUILD 2023 – Polish window and door industry invites to EXPO Krakow

photo EXPO Kraków | OUTDOOR BUILD 2023 – Polish window and door industry invites to EXPO Krakow

In the export of windows and doors, Poland has been a leader among EU countries for years. Its value in 2021 increased by a quarter to almost $3 billion, and Polish manufacturers account for 29 percent of the value of all exports of all EU countries. 

The result is a consequence of the well-thought-out sales policy of domestic entrepreneurs, who bet on exports nearly 20 years ago and it was a shot in the proverbial arm. With development come new challenges, i.e. robotization, automation, eco-friendly and energy-efficient production, which will be discussed in detail at the first edition of the OUTDOOR BUILD International Trade Fair of Window, Door, Facade, Gate, Shade, and Awning Systems, to be held at EXPO Krakow on May 24-26, 2023.

Lesser Poland the capital of window industry

Poland is home to 10,000 installation companies, 2,500 window manufacturers, about a thousand door manufacturers and 100 gate manufacturers, most of which have located their headquarters in the south of the country within 200 km of Krakow. The Lesser Poland region generates record revenues in the industry, accounting for almost one-fifth of the revenues of the largest manufacturers in our country. In turn, EXPO Krakow is the largest and most modern exhibition and conference facility in this part of the country. The organizers of OUTDOOR BUILD decided to hold the trade fair in Krakow to showcase the latest technologies, machinery, tools and components needed for the production of windows, doors, facades, gates, shades awning systems. For three fair days, EXPO Krakow will become an arena for meetings between suppliers and manufacturers who are closest to Krakow. 

Suppliers of PVC, aluminium and wood joinery manufacturing systems, garage gate, roof window, elevations, wall lirings, swimming pool manufacturing systems, shade, roller shutter, blind, sunshade and awning manufacturing systems will be present their offer. The offer will be complemented by suppliers of machinery, tools, fasteners, materials, automation or drives. The organizers have set their sights on the international character of the event by establishing cooperation with agents promoting the fair around the world.  – Turkish suppliers of machinery and technology for the production of windows and doors successfully compete in international markets, presenting their solutions at the world's largest events. They can't be missing in Poland either, where, by the way, many of them have had their representative offices for years – said Irem Bajsal of Regnum EXPO - responsible for the presentation of Turkish companies at the Krakow event.

Trade fair a place for inspiration and knowledge exchange

An important highlight of OUTDOOR BUILD will be training courses, conferences and workshops showcasing the latest technologies and industry trends. One of them will be a seminar entitled "The renovation market as an opportunity for building material manufacturers." The renovation market, which is supported by increasingly efficient subsidy programs for thermo-modernization of buildings, may prove to be a great opportunity for woodwork dealers to attract new customers. Although many dealers often focus on new construction, it turns out that 2/3 of the windows manufactured in Poland go precisely to the replacement market. The event is organized by the Thermomodernization Coalition, an initiative that helps the industry gain new customers through Poland's window and door replacement financing programs. The most important goal of the Thermomodernization Coalition is to conduct activities to help dealers understand the target sales model for windows and doors using various subsidy programs.

During the seminar, Maksymilian Miros of the Center for Industry Analysis will present current data on the Polish construction market and show how much potential there is in the renovation market. Then Robert Klos (initiator of the Thermomodernization Coalition) and Paweł Gregorczyk (its coordinator) will present the goals of the dotacjenaokna.pl campaign, its achievements to date, and give details on further activities and the possibility for manufacturers and dealers of building materials to join the campaign.  

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