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2022. Celebrating the UN International Year of Glass


2022. Celebrating the UN International Year of Glass

photo AGC Glass Europe | 2022. Celebrating the UN International Year of Glass

The United Nations has declared 2022 as International Year of Glass – and AGC would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the role played by glass and its many benefits to society by taking our internal and external stakeholders on an animated journey on the theme of Glass shapes a brighter future.

The glass hive      

The key visual in this glass journey is a glass building whose very form is inspired by a beehive. Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and our future. A hive is a solid, durable and inspiring structure – and inside the hive, all the colony’s skills and talents are connected to each other and to the world around it, forming an intelligent micro-city that respects its environment.

Discovering the magic of this amazing material   

Throughout 2022, initiatives will be organised for our external stakeholders: customer events, local happenings, celebrations at our plants and a social media video campaign entitled It's a kind of magic to help people discover and learn more about the magical aspects of glass.

United by passion for glass    

At AGC, we are passionate about glass, a noble and sustainable material. Each and every day, our people share this passion with everyone who, like us, can see that the future of glass is bright indeed. Through our campaign featuring short videos starring AGC employees, you will have a chance to meet some of our passionate employees. 

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