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Roto North America Introduces New Zinc Die-Cast Machines


New Frech Die-Cast Machines located at Roto Fasco Canada, Inc.

photo ROTO | New Frech Die-Cast Machines located at Roto Fasco Canada, Inc.

As a quality manufacturer of window and door hardware, Roto North America is excited to celebrate National Manufacturing Day throughout the month of October. Manufacturing Day is recognized as an opportunity to showcase the ability of modern manufacturing by companies throughout various industries.

National Manufacturing Day 2021 coincides with the launch of Roto North America’s two new fully automated Frech Die-Cast machines. These machines were planned as investments for the 2021 calendar year and are now running with minimal maintenance required. The Die-Cast machines at Roto Fasco Canada are fitted with sensors for mold protection as well as automated conveyor belt systems. These two machines come as an expansion from the August 2018 investment for two Frech Die-Cast machines in the hopes of further expanding the manufacturing capabilities of Roto North America.

To date, Roto North America now houses a total of five zinc Die-Casting machines that have the ability to mass produce complex parts on our production line. These machines come with the capability to preform custom kitting as well as being equipped with an expanded powder-coat painting line, 5-axis lasers, injection molding, and more. Roto is excited for the opportunities provided from the integration of this technology into our manufacturing capabilities.

About Roto North America

Roto North America is comprised of Roto Frank of America, Inc. in Chester, Connecticut and Roto Fasco Canada, Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Both locations manufacture window and door hardware, which offers solutions for North American and European applications. RFA and RFC are wholly owned subsidiaries of Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH, a global leader in window and door hardware, with 15 production plants and more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide.

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