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UK Glass Recycling Summit 2021: 90% by 2030


UK Glass Recycling Summit 2021: 90% by 2030

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UK Glass Recycling Summit 2021: 90% by 2030

On Wednesday 17 March British Glass will host the first annual UK Glass Recycling Summit. The event will be held virtually and bring together the entire glass supply chain – from glass container manufactures, brands, retail, local authorities, recyclers, government and more. 

The focus of the event is to launch a collaborative effort to continue to drive up glass recycling rates. British Glass are  the UK platform lead for the European level glass industry led project Close the Glass Loop that aims to achieve a 90% glass collected for recycling rate by 2030. The summit will launch the UK’s ambition to achieve this target and we are encouraging businesses and organisations across the supply chain to commit to supporting British Glass in achieving this ambitious target.

The event will feature a keynote political speaker, a panel discussion with representatives across the glass supply chain, before breakout sessions with attendees to discuss mechanisms, opportunities, and barriers to achieving the 90% target, which will then be fedback to the wider summit with comments from our panellists. 

The event will conclude with those in attendance encouraged to sign up to support the 90% target.  

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