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World premiere of skai Mattex – extreme matt with added value


World premiere of skai Mattex – extreme matt with added value

photo Hornschuch | World premiere of skai Mattex – extreme matt with added value

With skai Mattex, Continental will present an innovation in the area of single-color exterior surfaces, which will create new inspiration in the market. Visually, skai Mattex doesn’t just follow the ongoing matt trend. Rather, the surface specialists will be presenting the mattest matt that is available on the market for laminated surfaces. 

The extreme matt surface has a gloss level of 2. This innovation is the result of a development process, the goal of which was to perfectly replicate the look and feel of powder-coated aluminum with a particularly fine, yet concisely structured surface. In reality, a vinyl window laminated with skai Mattex is indistinguishable from a window with powder-coated aluminum cladding. Due to the extremely matt finish, the surface looks very high-quality. When the surface is touched, this impression is reinforced. Thus, a technologically advanced product is available to the market with especially valuable characteristics. 

But the technical characteristics of skai Mattex are also impressive: the surface is particularly scratch resistant due to its newly developed grain structure. In addition, it is sealed with a PVDF-layer. This is characterized by a particularly low surface tension and is therefore easy to clean. At the same time, it is highly resistant to chemicals. Due to its high temperature resistance, the PVDF-layer shows no gloss development during either welding or bending. skai Mattex is available from the beginning in the market-relevant color spectrum ranging from white to black with the important intermediate tones. The total of nine trendy colors fits perfectly into the modern architecture of new buildings, as well as the sophisticated renovation of old buildings.

New color for skai Woodec

Introduced only two years ago, skai Woodec is a big success on the market. The visual effects and the tactile elegance of skai Woodec combine to create a high-quality overall impression that makes the surface indistinguishable from real wood for the average layperson. This is due in part to the deep embossing and the extremely matt finish. The result is a sustainable beautification of the construction element. Up until now, two modern limed oak designs were available in grey and white, Sheffield Oak alpine and Sheffield Oak concrete. 

The design Turner Oak malt with its very natural, medium coloring was then added. In 2020, Continental will present a fourth color in this line to round out the existing palette of colors. Turner Oak toffee has been selected as a new color, a dark, warm wood tone which combines the natural character of wood with comfort and value. After the successful trio, a quartet will set the tone for the future.

New laminates add value to vinyl windows

With skai Mattex and the successful designs of skai Woodec, the laminated vinyl window is the perfect solution as an overall concept. From recyclability to thermal insulation, economy, and lack of maintenance to durability, the vinyl window has all of the relevant facts on its side. Visual and tactile perfection in lamination – inside and out – give the vinyl window never-before-seen value.

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