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Industrial plants and machinery || Fratelli Pezza


FRATELLI PEZZA was founded in 1970 and started its activity as a manufacturer of industrial plants and machinery, shifting soon its focus towards the glass machinery sector. The company is located in Clusone (Bergamo), Northern Italy (near Milan), and has recently renewed its headquarters, which cover an area of about 4000 sqm. 

The company represents leading edge technology in the manufacture of sandblasting and marking equipment for flat glass, thanks to the creativity and technical skillfulness of its founder Alessandro Pezza, the person who actually invented the fully automatic sandblaster for flat glass. 

The Company’s  global presence is assured by a worldwide network of business partners and retailers, this meaning a total and professional after-market assistance for what concerns both the technical support and the supply of spare parts and accessories.

Pezza’s product

A wide range of sandblasting equipments is available, from manual cabins to fully automatic machines, all extremely versatile and very simple to be used. The MISTRAL Series, the top of the range automatic sandblaster, allow to program up to 50 blasting areas on the glass plate, even of different type (normal, light, engraved, shading), as well as to create and store up to 50 customized working programs. The ZEPHIR series is the basic automatic sandblaster of Pezza’s product range. Both series are equipped with a system to prevent the accumulation of static electricity within the cabin, a very common problem while blasting mirrors.

The new series of fully automatic marking device called EASYMARKER, which is manufactured in two models: EasymarkerEV and EasymarkerUP. The EasymarkerEV it’s suitable to be combined with vertical machines, while on the contrary the EasymarkerUP is to be used with horizontal ones. 

The settings are extremely quick and intuitive and most important the marking operation can be activated automatically, as the Easymarker can be connected to other glass working machinery (tempering line, double glazing, washing machines, etc.) and receive an impulse to activate the marking without the need of  having an operator constantly on site. With EASYMARKER EV it’s also possible to mark the edge of the glass. A manual portable marking equipment, called MARKER 101T, is also available on the catalogue. 

Fratelli Pezza also sells products for glass processing in general, like aluminium oxide and MIX 30, a glass and mirror protector that prevents dirt and fingerprint  from remaining on the glass surface.

Sandblasting machines

Designed for companies that mainly deal with glass design: shower boxes, doors, glass partition walls, floors, stairs, parapets, mirrors etc. For example, many of our customers have  furnished the showrooms of leading fashion brands in the whole world. But the sandblasting technique is also used in different sectors, like in the solar panels business and others. Sandblasters represent a small investment while they offer great versatility of processing, so they can be addressed to both large and small companies.

Future steps

Our R&D Dpt. is working to improve the software of our machines (sandblasters and marking equipments) to make it compliant with the priciples of INDUSTRY 4.0. At the same time, some working features will be added to make programming even easier.

On the commercial side, we have recently launched our ON-LINE SHOP in which customers can buy spare parts suitable for the model of sandblaster in their possession.
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