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Beautiful light interiors with Pilkington decorative glass


It has become a staple feature in shops, offices and public places but now decorative glass is enjoying an interior design comeback in our homes too.

Perfect for creating feature windows and room dividers or for use on splashbacks, cupboards and doors, this versatile glass offers an easy and affordable way to add light and flair in a wide range of settings.

As one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers, Pilkington United Kingdom Limited offers various options for anyone looking to use decorative and etched glass to enhance or create the right mood in their property.

Their Pilkington Oriel Collection is perfect for use in homes and interiors. Functional and stylish, it uses Pilkington Optifloat™ Opal and Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear glass to provide a stylish and durable finish.

Design choices include everything from traditional designs to minimalist chic – with elegant choices like Pilkington Oriel Canterbury™ offering a sense of privacy and beauty that makes it ideal for use in glazing for both doors and windows – to bolder patterns that are great for making a statement in any home.

For those looking for something fresh and new, Pilkington Oriel Bay™ is an inspiring way to inject new life into interior windows and doors. With a patterned, leaf design; it fits just as well with older, Victorian properties, as in a modern mews or a contemporary home. Also drawing on the elegance of the natural world, Pilkington Oriel Burdock™ is ideal for creating a stunning backdrop for any kind of room.

Replacing older designs is easy too, thanks to traditional favourites, including Pilkington Texture Glass Arctic™, PilkingtonTexture Glass Autumn™ and PilkingtonTexture Glass Cotswold™ included the replacement range.