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Natural light and energy efficiency for innovative architectural designs


If you want to ensure interior comfort and excellent thermal and acoustic insulating performance in a building, while using natural light to create unique aesthetic and decorative effects, glass is one of the best allies you could ask for.

The right combination of transparency, graphic patterns and high-tech coatings on building facades can substantially reduce the impact of heat from the sun, with the added advantage of maximizing the view of the surrounding landscape.

The renovation project for the Pacemar SAS Headquarters, a holding company of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, in Suresnes, France managed to achieve all these effects.

The naturally-ventilated, glazed double-skin of the facade ensures the thermal and acoustic insulation needed for ideal working conditions. Slatted blinds between the two glazed surfaces ensure protection from solar gain. The effect is accentuated by decorated glass provided by Tvitec, a Spanish company that is a European leader in glass processing.

Tvitec utilized the capabilities of the Vitro Jet F Type machine by Tecglass to design and print a graphic pattern on large sheets of glass that would enhance the view of the surrounding natural landscape of Suresnes – looking toward the Bois de Boulogne – while taking advantage of the exceptional performance of glass, including solar control, to bathe the building in natural light while maintaining the privacy appropriate to corporate headquarters.

Tecglass is a unique partner for those who contribute to the creation of the most prestigious architectural projects. Thanks to the high performance capabilities of this line of machines for digital printing on glass, it is possible to decorate and customize immense sheets of glass, up to 3,300x18,000 mm.

The extremely high quality of the innovative and constantly evolving inks, ensures exclusive effects and colors perfectly compatible with all types of coatings.
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