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Jubileuszowe okno Perllo 82 mm

Perllo 82 mm - an anniversary window

FRAMEX sp. z o.o. sp. komandytowa
More information about FRAMEX
A premium product at a standard price!Windows with the profile width of 82 mm and an additional third gasket that ensure the highest energy-efficiency parameters. Perllo are a milestone in window manufacturing. Using the latest solutions, we have created a window that achieves thermal insulation of Uw = 0.75 W/m2K* – which complies with the 2021 Technical Conditions.
  • An 82 mm wide profile with an additional third gasket
  • A 6-chamber profile made of the highest quality PVC
  • Uw = 0.75 W/m2K (compliant with the 2021 Technical Conditions) for a reference window 1,230×1,480 Ug = 0.5, warm spacer 
Having been in business for more than 30 years, we have learned what our customers care about most. That knowledge and passion were the basis for the design of the Perllo windows – which take window quality to a new level. We have combined many premium solutions and made them affordable to everyone. The Perllo windows guarantee the highest level of thermal insulation and, therefore, lower heating bills.
  The more than 50 colors available include ones that imitate well-known and popular wood species, as well as basic RAL colors that perfectly match traditional interiors. Match the window color to the building and the interior to maintain a perfectly consistent design.

FRAMEX sp. z o.o. sp. komandytowa

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