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Roleta podtynkowa STYROTHERM

Flush-Mounted STYROTHERM roller shutter

EUROCOLOR Sp. z o.o.
More information about EUROCOLOR
One roller blind, many solutions. It will protect you from oppressive wind, noise and excessive heat on hot days.
A perfect system
The roller shutter made of styrotherm is designed for both external and internal installation. The system is designed so that it can be completely embedded in the insulation. In such a system, the box remains an unnoticeable element of the building's facade. The roller shutter also protects you from annoying wind, noise and excessive heat on hot days.
Tried and tested box 
Flush-mounted roller shutters (Styroterm) come in two variants: 260 mm and 300 mm. By opting for this solution, you have the possibility to choose the way of revision: from the inside or outside the room, which is extremely important for servicing. The body of the box is made of a material that enables the flush-mounted roller shutter to meet the highest energy-saving standards.
Protection against insects
We give you the option of fitting an integrated mosquito net (260 mm and 300 mm box) with a brake that slows down the rolling, preventing the net from rolling up abruptly. This intelligent solution provides protection against intrusive insects, despite the open window.
Energy-efficient barrier 
An armouring filled with polyurethane foam is used in our products. This solution allows you to save more energy. This patent also protects against annoying wind, noise and hot air - trying to penetrate inside during hot days. The design ensures quiet operation, while the aluminium construction and special paint finish guarantee the durability of the structure and the retention of the original colours for many years.
Our drive systems are the answer to diverse customer needs. We have therefore ensured that you have a wide range of options for managing EUROCOLOR products. You can use the following controls: manual; with electrical cables (motor with traditional or programmable switch); timer; radio (motor with integrated receiver); from a smartphone or dedicated app (e.g. Somfy Tahoma). Thanks to advanced systems, even if you can't be at home, your blinds will lower or raise at a pre-set time.
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EUROCOLOR Sp. z o.o.

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