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Rolety nakładane - PVC DRUTEX

PVC roller shutters

More information about DRUTEX

Perfect solutions for the whole year – Energy efficiency, safety, privacy


  • External PVC roller shutters is a system of shutters integrated with the window. It may be applied for buildings under construction or when exchanging windows.
  • The wide color range of boxes and guide rails made of PVC and of aluminum armors.
  • Possibility of  a complete build-in of the box internally and externally, so that the only visible parts are the  guide, the aluminum armor and the lower revision cover, which improves the shutters aesthetics after installation.
  • Access to the box for maintenance purposes is possible after the opening of the bottom or the internal revision.   
  • The possibility to produce a roller shutter with a built-in mosquito net.
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation guarantee usage comfort.  
  • The innovative elements of the roller shutter structure connected with the presence of the adapter and the reinforcing console distinguish the system from structures of other producers, guaranteeing exceptional tightness and durability. 

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