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Pancerz s_onro

s_onro curtain

More information about ALUPROF
Aluprof SA offers s_onro ® system which combines blinds and roller shutters in a single system. This innovative solution consists of Aluprof SA roller-box and channels and a special s_onro ® curtain. s_onro ® solution has a unique profile design that allows to freely move from a total darkening of the room (with curtain closed) to a very good transparency when the curtain is slightly open. s_onro ® system curtain can be used in adaptive and flush-mounted systems offered by Aluprof SA

Technical details:
- s_onro® system combines blinds and roller shutters in a single system
- 20% of surface of the s_onro® system lets the sun's rays in (traditional shutters 1-2%)
- Total weight 5.8 kg/m²
- Aluminium endslat (42 x 8mm) with additional weight with the “stop” option.
Ventilation process:
- When the sun’s angle of incidence exceeds 20°, the s_onro®  system does not allow the direct flow of sunlight into the room.
- If we want to completely darken the room – the slats are closed.
- If we want to bring some light into the room, the s_onro® system allows to make individual settings, according to our preferences.