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Insolio ND

Insolio ND

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Our acoustic Insolio ND will efficiently attenuate noise of up to 42 dB when open and even 44 dB when closed, while supplying an optimum amount of air into your house.


Our line of trickle vents called Insolio was designed for modern window joinery. The entirely new structure enables the vents to be easily installed without milling slits. With a pass-through duct located between the window frame and the head, the window maintains its guaranteed technical and acoustic parameters.


Thanks to automatic control of differential pressure, the vent is almost unmanned. Insolio does not require any type of power supply. It automatically controls the inflow of air into your house, considerably reducing the thermal energy consumption. If you prefer controlling the air flow by yourself, there is nothing simpler! The controller can also be governed manually.


The use of an innovative design and state-of-the-art materials ensures an extreme frost resistance, prevents the window head from cooling down, and guarantees a good sound reduction. As a major part of the vent is hidden in the plaster and insulation layers, Insolio perfectly complements a modern and minimalistic architecture.


A trickle vent tailored for your needs

Insolio is the first trickle vent that can be adapted to the current user requirements, which is possible thanks to replaceable functional cassettes. Choose any of the following: Standard Cassette, Filter Cassette, Acoustic Cassette or Acoustic Cassette with a filter, and replace them with just a single move. Like all Brevis air vents, Insolio products are available in all RAL colours.





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Insolio ND


Technical specifications

Nominal flow ∆p = 10 Pa

trickle vent open: 27,1 m3/h

trickle vent closed: 6,5 m3/h


Nominal flow ∆p = 20 Pa

trickle vent open: 35,4 m3/h

trickle vent closed: 9,4 m3/h


Acoustic insulation

trickle vent open: Dn,e,w = 42 (-1; -3)

trickle vent closed: Dn,e,w = 43 (0; -3) dB



automated with pressure difference,


Resistance to penetration by rainwater

600 Pa


Resistance to condensation

RH = 75% at Tout./Tin. = -20°C / +20°C



Aluminium, ABS/ASA, EPP


Range of application

wood window framing, PVC,
aluminium window framing


Available colors



body: RAL 9016

ends: white, trickle vent’s edge: black



body: any RAL

ends: black, trickle vent’s edge: black


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