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Próg rozciągany Transit

Removable Transit threshold

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
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The removable Transit threshold guarantees top-notch sealing properties against air and driving rain. These properties result from the interplay of several elements – the sash-side seal, the end pieces, the rubber seals – developed to provide maximum performance with minimal processing. In addition to the technical properties, attention has also been paid to the design: it looks harmonic and appealing on any front or casement door.

The sash-side bubble gasket, which is designed for easy installation with double-sided adhesive tape, increases the surface contact with the threshold to a maximum, in order to provide improved sealing against climatic effects. Together with the profile system, window and door elements which meet the highest requirements in terms of sealing can be constructed.

The end pieces seal the connecting points that are tricky to seal – between two sashes or the sash and the frame. They are made from two parts: a hard part which is screwed to the profile and a soft part which is inserted into the seal. 

The rubber seals play a key role in terms of insulation  as they prevent damp from rising and attacking the timber on the frame. They are adapted to the frame profile to provide no-compromise compatibility with the threshold profile. As they are not visible from the inside, the existing design is not changed. 

MACO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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