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Ploter frezujący z głowicą piły do cięcia kątowego NR SERIES 85-32 Cosmec

NR SERIES CNC machine closed bridge mobile table

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Robustness, reliability, precision and speed. This series represents the traditional range of Cosmec machining centres. It consists of routers with a fixed bridge and movable beds, which can be produced in standard dimensions or be customised to suit Customers’ requirements. These machines can be provided with a various number of tool holders, heads and axes. We can thus “create” 3, 4, 5 or 6 axis machines, with one or more operating units to carry out any type of working such as milling, boring, sanding, cutting and engraving not only wood but also plastic materials, compound materials and light alloys. Electrospindles with a wide power range up to 20 kw and ISO 30, ISO 40 and HSK63 connections are available. The over 30 year old experience Cosmec have acquired in the production of this series guarantees the highest solidity, reliability, working accuracy and speed available on the market.STANDARD EQUIPMENT
Working table of Bakelite with rectangular canals
Vacuum pump complete with tank
Numeric control
Ethernet connection

Tilting and birotating heads (4th and 5th axis)
Rotating axis driven by CNC on 360° (Rotor)
Drilling units with indipendent spindles and sawing unit
Automatic tool changer with storage for 12 tools
Angular back gears
Working table with suction cups
Maximum operational flexibility. NR series routers can be equipped with Bakelite or aluminum tables with a "sandwich" structure, where retractable stops, vacuum cups of different sizes are located, or working tables with movable bars and adjustable vacuum cups on Customers' request. Both solutions allow the maximum flexibility of the machine operations. NR series machines are completed with an electrical cabinet fitted out with an OSAI Series 10 numerical controller with a Windows interface and hand held pendant.

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