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Pilarka pozioma do rozkroju płyt w pakietach S 2000T Pilarka panelowa, pozioma do cięcia formatów

Beam panel saws S 2000 – S 2000 T

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S 2000 beam panel saws: high performances, solid and accurate mechanics, advanced electronic solutions. Competitive price/quality rate. Beam panel saws S 2000 T are both available for rear direct loading on the lifting table and for side preloading on a roller conveyor, in this case with rollers on the lifting table too. If equipped with the special pincers on the pusher, the S 2000 T is suitable for cutting thin panels like hardboard, masonite, plywood.TECHNICAL DATA
Pusher driven by D.C. brushless motor
Cutting length: 3700/4500 mm, pusher stroke 3700/4500 mm.
Max cutting depth: 110 mm.
Main sawblade Ø: 400 mm, motor Hp 15
Scoring blade Ø: 180 mm, motor HP 3
Blade height adjustment, scorer height and aligning driven by the electronic control.
Vertical upstroke of main blade and scorer on round ground bars made of hardened steel and ball bearings.
Nr. 5 double acting pneumatic grippers suitable to hold the panels up to the last cut in pressure beam area, constantly closed.OPTIONAL
Pre-loading powered roller table and powered rollers on the lifting table for rear loading of the panels
Additional gripper
Blade motor HP 20
Postforming scoring cylce (blade diameter 250 mm – motor HP 4: the scoring saw fitted on the carriage rises pneumatically, next to the postformed profile situated on the side of the fence.
Blade cooling system, with atomizer, for special material cutting.
Electronic device for the automatic limitation of blade carriage feed speed according to motor absorption.

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