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Frezarko - kopiarka aluminium, PCV, INOX - PAN 38L

Copy routers PAN 38L - 38LI

More information about LGF CNC MASZYNY
Single-head manually-operated copy router on 3000 mm long base, with manually-moving unit and pneumatic locking. Automatic forward head drop with fast approach device. Quick pneumatic control tool change (optional). Possibility of working steel up to 2 mm with standard fittings; with specific accessory stainless steel up to 1.5 mm. Pneumatic tracer movement up to 5 adjustable positions permits quick and precise machine positioning. The clamp plane rotation system permits machining 3 sides of the profile section without releasing the clamps or 4 sides performing through operations. The rotary movement from 0° to 180° maintains the same axis; the figure produced on the first side at 0° is at the same height as that reproduced on the opposite side at 180°. This system permits increasing work speed and precision, using shorter tools, therefore reducing vibrations and noise. Work area front guard with pneumatic control.


Downward movement on ball-bearing bars and bushes

Side movement on ball-bearing guides and runners

4 Horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps with low-pressure device

Pneumatic depth stop

Longitudinal and transversal stops referred to metric rods

Micro-mist pneumatic tool lubrication (emulsified oil)

Impulse tool lubrication (neat oil) (38LI version)

Tracer point level with 3-diameter tool

Downward movement controlled by buttons on grips

Button for locking the spindle during tool change

PVC clamp jaws adjustable without using spanners

Adjustment of hydraulic head downward movement speed

Pneumatic tracer movement

2 speeds spindle motor (38L version)

Inverter-controlled spindle motor (38LI version)

LED digital display screen for showing the tool rotation speed (38LI version)


Service spanner bag, operator’s and maintenance manual with EC declaration

Single-blade HSS cutter Ø5L=68 mm

Single-blade HSS cutter Ø10 L=95 mm

Collet ER20 Ø 6...5, 8...7 and Ø 10 ... 9 mm

Hexagonal ring nut ER20 (38L version)

Collet tool support ER20 + hexagonal ring nut (collet not included) (38LI version)

6 Carriage stops (fitted)

Template with standard figures

Template with figures for lock (fitted)

Template with figures for hinges

Template with figures for cremone bolts hole centre distances 21.5 mm

2 disengageable stops

Adjustable levelling feet (fitted)

Air blowing gun for cleaning (fitted)


Template without figures

Impulse tool lubrication (neat oil)

Tool cooled at -10°C for machining stainless steel (38LI version)

Disengageable stop

Collet tool support ER20 + hexagonal ring nut (collet not included) (38LI version)

WELDON tool holder Ø6 mm (38LI version)

WELDON tool holder Ø 28 mm (38LI version)

WELDON tool holder Ø10 mm (38LI version)

Carriage stop

5 cross positions stop

Template with figures to specifications Technical details

Three-phase power supply 380/400-50/60 Volt-Hz

Three-phase bit motor power  (38L version) 0.35/0.55   kW

Spindle speed (40 38L) 3500/12000  rpm

Three-phase bit motor power  (38LI version)  1.1 kW

Adjustable spindle speed (38LI version)  1000...12000   rpm

X - Y - Z axis stroke    2500-150-250  mm.

Clamp capacity (b x h)    140 x 110   mm.

Clamp plane angle    0/90/180 °

Max cutter diameter  12 mm

Tracer tip diameters  5-8-10  mm

Weight: 680  kg

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