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F4367048 basaltgrau SFTN Techprofil

F4367048 basaltgrau SFTN Techprofil

Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group
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PLAIN range – SFTN fine sand embossing




A window that is covered with a product from our UNI SFTN range looks like a powder-coated aluminium window. With its high-quality surface and the broad palette of grey colours, the patterns create a modern appearance. In contrast to skai® Alux, however, the products from the SFTN range have a somewhat flatter embossing, which makes a subdued, elegant impression, both visually and haptically.




The film is optimally equipped for exterior use, meaning weather-resistant in sunlight, rain, or frost. As with all skai® exterior films, the patented Hornschuch cool colors technology protects the film and substrate in a proven manner by noticeably reducing heat absorption.


We offer our customers a total of around 100 colours and designs. Almost all of the designs are a part of the skai® collection that is available directly from stock, including a large selection of plain colours, wood designs, Metbrush, and Alux.


See for yourself and discover our comprehensive, exterior assortment.




What if? If you have ever tried to create a house in your imagination, you probably were frustrated. With our skai® configurator, it is now very easy to put together the colourful exterior and the surface design of your dream house. Just give your creativity free reign: 







Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group

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