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F4365003 anthrazitgrau Techprofil

F4365003 anthrazitgrau Techprofil

Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group
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PLAIN range – with wood pore



Colourful accents can also be created on buildings with constructional elements that make use of our broad palette of grey tones and other trendy PLAIN colours.


Especially the shade anthracite grey has broadly established itself over the past few years as a trendy colour in the area of new construction. It is a very good fit for rectilinear, modern architecture.




The film is optimally equipped for exterior use, meaning weather-resistant in sunlight, rain, or frost. As with all skai® exterior films, the patented Hornschuch cool colors technology protects the film and substrate in a proven manner by noticeably reducing heat absorption.


We offer our customers a total of around 100 colours and designs. Almost all of the designs are a part of the skai® collection that is available directly from stock, including a large selection of plain colours, wood designs, Metbrush, and Alux.


See for yourself and discover our comprehensive, exterior assortment.




What if? If you have ever tried to create a house in your imagination, you probably were frustrated. With our skai® configurator, it is now very easy to put together the colourful exterior and the surface design of your dream house. Just give your creativity free reign: 









Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group

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