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Working Angular Plant INTEGRA

More information about LGF CNC MASZYNY

Working Angular Plant INTEGRA. Working plants for windows. Electronic working plants for windows series “INTEGRA”. The angular plants of this series can be composed with a tenoning machine Thema Plus or 2 Plus and a profiling machine Single or Twin. They are suitable for mounting multiple cutter profiles, for the combined machining of different types of standard windows, doors or wood aluminium windows without the need to change the tooling. Profiling machine can be complete with the optional electronic counter-fence, which doesn’t require to be put into position and manual pre-setting.

Machines and Angular Plants for Window. Electronic tenoning machines: Thema Plus is equipped with cut-off saw, one tenoning spindle 620 mm, fence with read-out and “Touch-Screen” control. On request, PC Flex with monitor 15” and electronic fence.
1.  Lama troncatrice Cut-off saw 2. Albero tenonatore 620 mm. Tenoning shaft 620 mm 3. Carro orientabile +/- 60°. Swivelling tenoning  carriage  +/- 60°).
Cut-off saw: with side positioning with 2-stops revolver; and rise-and-fall on linear bearings. (optional: electronic positioning laser) 620 mm tenoning spindle with electronic positioning. Chipbreaking vertical bar, with timed intervention and safety guard.
The carriage on Thema Plus and Thema 2 Plus are swivelling together with the fence and allow the angled cutting-off and tenoning in the best conditions. At 90°, it is possible to process two pieces in a single pass-through. The piece locking system on the “Power Table” carriage can turn and move perpendicularly to the blade. The work piece, after being tenoned at the 1st end during the forward stroke, is automatically turned of 180° for being tenoned at the opposite end during the return stroke. The angled tenoning, up to ± 60°, is executed keeping the piece always perpendicular to the blade, by interpolation of 2 axis from PC: the piece moves in the direction of its length, in synchronism with the carriage advancement.
Electronic tenoning machines. The tenoning machine Dual can be fi tted with  drilling units (optional and available individually too) controlled by the machine PC. The 1st group, executes  head holes (pict.1),  the 2nd, with two drilling heads, can make horizontal cross bores, left and right of the piece (pict.2). The 3rd unit is a  milling head (fi g.3); one of its purposes unit can be the angled precutting to size of the glazing bead.
Profi ling Machines: 1. 1st profi ling shaft (right/left turning) 620 mm 2. 2nd profi ling shaft 620 mm 3. Glazing bead unit 4. Iron fi tting unit (optional). 1.  “Flipper” right/left  spindle 90 mm 2.  Top milling unit (optional) 3.  1st profi ling shaft 620 mm 4.  Glazing bead unit 5.  2nd profi ling shaft 620 mm 6.  Hardware groove unit    (optional) 7.  Feeder 21 wheels.