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Centrum obróbczo-tnące SMC 350

SMC 350 Profile Machining and Cutting Center

Schtec Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
More information about Schtec Makine
  • This 3 separately controlled CNC processing unit can do all operations with 11 tools on PVC profiles such as cutting, marking, opening key holes, copy routing for water slot milling, hinge holes, handle holes etc.
  • All angles between 30 - 150 degrees are cut with 0.1 degree accuracy servo axis controlled 500 mm diameter saw.
  • Servo controlled and capable of automatic positioning according to profile height axis on saw blade by way of this advance fast and rigid cutting.
  • Saves time by simultaneously opening multiple holes on door profiles, such as door handles, slots by the axis control system on 3 separately router unit.
  • 3 drilling units in the milling unit allow 3 operations to be done at one time
  • With the processed profile, 11 pieces can be loaded on the machine. (Max.length 6.5 m)
  • Precision magnetic encoders used to minimize user errors minimize profile width and height are checked and processed
  • New design of loading station allow profiles to be loaded simultaneously. This feature saves time from loading process.
  • Private HMI software developed by Schtec Software Departmant allows different kinds of window design program data files to be uploaded on machine. 
  • Simultaneous optimization on the machine allows the machine to optimize itself on the waste profiles
  • All alarms and machine faults are displayed on HMI along with solutions
  • 15” Touch Screen and high performance industrial PC with Windows XP Embeded system. This system can operate fanless between 0°C and 55°C.
  • Industrial PC Based Servo Control System (Beckhoff)
  • Online diagnostic and troubleshooting via user friendly interface.
  • File transfer by USB or ethernet network and remote desktop connection by WiFi or Ethernet connection
  • Central lubrication system reduces the time spent for maintanence
  • Automatic dust collection system sucks out all pvc dusts and removes wastes fast with 2 different carriers

Technical Informations

Voltage: 400 V, 3 PH, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 12 kW, 30A
Max. Profile Height: 130 mm ( up to 170 mm only cutting process)
Min. Profile Height: 40 mm
Max. Profile Width: 130 mm
Min. Profile Width: 35 mm
Max. Profile Bar Length: 6.500 mm
Max. Process Length for Profile: 6.000 mm
Maximum Cutting Length: 3.500 mm (can be increased when it needs)
Minimum Cutting Length: 370 mm
Min. Process Length for Profile: 900 mm
Tool Diameter: 6 mm / 10 mm / 13 mm Carbide Fast Tool
Tool rpm: 18.000 rpm
Max. Axes Speed (Processing): 50 m./min.
Max. Axes Speed (Saw): 100 °/sec.
Max. Axes Speed (Carrier): 40 m./min.
Air Pressure: 6-8 Bar
Air Consumption: 1075 lt./min.
Machine Height: 2.165 mm
Machine Length: 16.370 mm
Machine Width: 3.206 mm
Machine Weight: 4.500 kg
Standart Tool Count: 11 piece high speed air cooling spindles 

Schtec Makine San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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