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Szkło ogniochronne POLFLAM® F do stropów i schodów
POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
POLFLAM® F fire-resistant glass for ceilings and stairs
POLFLAM® F fire-resistant glass is used for ceilings and...

Safety glass pane
Due to its unique structure, a safety glass pane has increased resistance to...

Anti-burglary glass pane
Anti-burglary glass panes effectively reduce the risk of a burglary. We...

Sun protection
Sun protection glazing is covered with an outer layer of special film that...

Single-chamber glass pane
Standard single-chamber glass pane consisting of two panes. The space...
Szkło ogniochronne POLFLAM® H do świetlików
POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
POLFLAM® H fire-resistant glass for skylights
The POLFLAM fire-resistant glass H is used in skylights. In fire incidents,...
Szkło ogniochronne POLFLAM® do montażu w systemach ramowych
POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
POLFLAM® glass for joinery systems
POLFLAM fire-resistant glass is produced in all fire-resistance classes:...

POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
POLFLAM® FR glass for frameless installation
POLFLAM® FR  fire-resistant glass in class EI 30, EI...

Sound absorbing glass pane
Laminated glass with special acoustic film between panes. Used to improve...
Szkło ogniochronne POLFLAM® do fasad
POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
POLFLAM® F glass for facades
POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass makes facades of extraordinary...
Szkło warstwowe w klasach P5-P7
POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
Multiple-glazed glass in the classes from P5 to P7
POLFLAM also has on offer laminated multiple-glazed glass of increased...
Szkło ogniochronne POLFLAM® BR do systemu bezramowego
POLFLAM  Sp. z o. o.
POLFLAM® BR fire-resistant glass for frameless systems
POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass BR in class EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and...

Climaplus 4S
Climaplus 4S selective glass pane provides heat comfort in winter and...

Two-chamber glass pane
Improves thermal insulation properties, providing better heat comfort than...

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