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ISO-Chemie GmbH
Röntgenstrasse 12
D-7343 Aalen, Germany

Telephone: +4915142612977
Telephone: +48718810048
Fax: +48718810049

Modern Sealing Technology – essential on the construction site


ISO-Chemie one of Europe’s main producers of energy efficient and sustainable sealing solutions, has been developing, producing and distributing innovative sealing solutions for a wide range of different markets and purposes for more than 40 years.


The technical requirements for energy-efficient and long-term building seals are increasing all the time. ISO-Chemie’s innovative product solutions have a positive effect on the energy balance of buildings, at the same time promoting a healthy internal climate. Factors such as air-tightness, permanent movement, weather-resistance, emissions free, thermal and acoustic insulation as well as humidity and fire protection are important for building seals that comply with the various building regulations.


ISO-Chemie’s products comply with the recommendations from the recent Zero Carbon Hub’s report, for closing the gap between design and as-build performance, and give “assured’ as-built energy performance for common fabric junctions and systems.


As a company certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 ISO-Chemie is facing up to our responsibility for a future worth living – completely in line with the company claim "use the blue technology".


Grown from their original manufacturing and sales facility in Aalen Germany, ISO-Chemie now has our own additional sales offices and logistic centres in several European countries e. g. UK, France, Poland and Scandinavia and are represented by partner companies on the international markets in many other countries too. Many customers all over the world put their trust in ISO-Chemie's innovative products.