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Since 1998, we have been creating extraordinary trickle vents and ventilation solutions for residential, public, and commercial buildings.


Our mission is to build a space of comfort that is free from pollution and safe for everyone, through functional and energy-saving solutions adapted to modern needs.


We are pioneers in the field of window ventilation. With the first automatically controlled trickle vent, Ventair II, we introduced into the Polish market the idea of controlled ventilation using window trickle vents. 13 of our solutions have received patent protection as inventions.


From the very beginning, Brevis products have been designed with both functionality and safety in mind. Today, they allow their users constant access to fresh air, reduce thermal energy consumption, and effectively protect against air pollution and noise. We design responsibly and sustainably.


We create and develop designs that matter. Each of them brings unique value to the market. Starting with the first trickle vent with an air filter, moving through the record-breaking acoustic attenuation, and ending with modular structure and modern design. Our innovative approach to designing enables us to combine impressive forms with advanced technology.


We deliver the best quality workmanship in our class of products. We are honest in the choice of materials. The vast majority of our solutions are made from a combination of aluminium and high-grade plastics. It is thanks to the predominance of aluminium that our products are available in the full RAL colour range. We pay attention to every detail in terms of both design and production. All our devices are made in Poland.


We have established our own research and development centre, where we constantly test and perfect our products. We conduct acoustic, thermal, and aerodynamic tests with flow measurements. All our products are also tested in external laboratories: ITB in Warsaw, and CTO in Gdańsk.


In addition to the product catalogue – the culmination of twenty years of work – Brevis offers experience in design and manufacture for new and thermo-modernised buildings fitted with natural ventilation, mechanical exhaust ventilation, and hybrid ventilation.

Products and Services Brevis

Ventair TRDn

Ventair TRDn

With a precise control of differential pressure, Ventair TRDn automatically provides the room with the proper volume of air, and the consumption of thermal energy required to heat the rooms is considerably reduced.   The use of an aluminium panel with an aerodynamic shape allows stabilisation of the flow rate. The higher the...

Ventair TRDn Akustik

The Ventair TRDn Akustik

The Ventair TRDn Akustik acoustic trickle vent is designed for those who appreciate silence. The best acoustic attenuation reached so far by a trickle vent is the effect of combining our reliable Ventair TRDn controller with a two-stage acoustic attenuator installed in our Ventair Akustik air intake.   Automated control of differential...

Insolio F


The cassette with an anti-smog and anti-allergic air filter will stop up to 99% of PM10 and even 80% of PM2.5, depending on the filter, while maintaining a high air flow. In addition, the filter absorbs over 99% of allergens of the most common sizes as well as other harmful dusts, mites and large bacteria.   Our line of trickle...