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Vacuum Glass Lifters and Robots for Glass Lifters for rent Balcony and Terrace Enclosures

Our company was founded in 1987. We started off as a typical glass factory, but after few years we have transformed it into a service oriented production company.

Our service range includes:

    import and distribution of vacuum glass lifters and robots for glass
    rental of vacuum glass lifters and manipulators for glass
    frameless balcony and terrace enclosures
    production and assembly of glass constructions

At Glass Land, we give priority to our clients’ opinions and their ultimate satisfaction with our products and services. Therefore, we put great emphasis on constant improvement in the quality of constructions offered and services rendered. We bring about constant increase in workers' skills and invest in modern machinery.

Our ambition is to pursue projects which are in accordance with the expectations and requirements of our customers in terms of durability, safety and aesthetic. We not only provide services but also make sure that our clients are well informed about our products and are paid proper attention in case of any queries. We also advise and provide help in selection of proper machinery for our customers.

Many years of experience and excellent results in terms of services provided has enabled us to obtain the title of "Partner Company for The Production of Aluminium Structures in Aluprof Systems".

All materials used by us have relevant certificates, approvals and comply with applicable standards.

By introducing our company and the services it offers, we hope we can encourage you to start a beneficial and a long-lasting relationship with us.

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Products and Services Glass Land Sp. z o.o.

Podnośniki próżniowe i manipulatory do szkła - Quattrolifts

Vacuum Glass Lifters and Manipulators for glass - Quattrolifts

The Quattrolifts products have developed a niche market in assisting glaziers and glass workers (also being utilised by window fabricators, sheet metal workers, stone masons and carpenters) reducing heavy manual handling, in particular with field work. The benefits for companies using the Quattrolifts equipment has been improved...

Vaccum Glass Lifters & Manipulators - Smartlift

Glass Land also offers vacuum glass lifters and manipulators for glass from Smartlift Company. These machines are solid machines that allow glass panels to be installed at higher levels both inside and outside the building. Depending on the model, they allow operating of loads weighting up to 800 kg. Vacuum lifters ensure the safety of your...

Podnośniki próżniowe i roboty do szkła - KS Schulten

Vacuum Glass Lifters and Manipulators for glass- KS Schulten

In our offer You may find: - KS robots - Crawler wehicles - Lifts  - Cranes - Transport systems - Equipment - KS Vacupower


Videos Glass Land Sp. z o.o.

How the Smartlift Outdoor 380 glass transport devices work

The film presents the operation of the Smartlift Outdoor 380 device, a safe glass conveyor-elevator, which is designed for carrying, lifting and tilting large glass sheets in production halls and warehouses.

How does the Wienold SLK 25 glass lift work?

The film presents the operation of the Wienold SLK 25 glass elevator, which is designed for transporting, lifting and tilting glass sheets in production halls, on construction sites and warehouses.

Jak działa urządzenia do transportu szkła HORIZON?

Jak działa urządzenia do transportu szkła HORIZON?

Film przedstawia działanie urządzenia HORIZON, czyli bezpiecznego transportera-podnośnika do szkła, który przeznaczony jest do przenoszenia, podnoszenia, a także pochylania dużych arkuszy szkła w halach produkcyjnych oraz magazynach.