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Eko-Okna S.A. is an international joinery manufacturer. Windows, doors, PVC, wood and aluminum. On the market from 1998.

The production runs in four halls, all equipped in modern, fully automated production lines. The production process is supported by qualified and experienced staff. Our main goal is development and innovation. Our offer is constantly expanding. Already today we can offer you 30 different windows and doors systems – made of PVC, aluminum and wood. We may also propose sliding systems, roller shutters, garage doors and mosquito nets. With the beginning of 2018 to our offer we implemented also fences. With the precision of every detail we created a complete joinery. All components are the highest quality, because we use only high-class materials, coming from the best, European suppliers. We give guarantee for safety and durability. We work only on quality management systems ISO 9001. We have Certificate CE.



Our story began in 1998. At that time, the gates of our first Eko-Okna production plant opened. Professional approach to the Clients, perfectionism and operation based on the principles of sustainable development quickly resulted. In 2006 our company opened a shop and warehouse in Belgium and began the expansion into foreign markets. The breakthrough moment, which allowed us to spread our wings was certainly the construction of production plant in Kornice, which was opened was in 2009. Thank to this investment, the company increased not only its production capacity, but also employment and product range. Eko Okna’s offer has expanded - from the PVC window manufacturer the company has become a leader in the windows and doors joinery industry. In 2012, the company began production of its own window brand. The walls of the factory left then the first pieces of Eco Sun 70 and Eco Sun 90. These products, thanks to high quality and impeccable performance quickly won the hearts of clients. A milestone in development of the company was the launch of a third production hall with an area of 20.000 m2, which took place in 2015. The company was also enriched with its own powder coating to varnish aluminum elements, which allowed to significantly shorten the waiting time for an order. In October 2015, a company from a limited liability company was transformed into a joint-stock company. In 2016 we decide to begin our own production of sectional garage doors. They are constructed with the use of components of the renowned German supplier Hoesch Bausysteme GmbH, they are equipped with patented system against jamming fingers and easy to install - they won customers' hearts straight away. At the end of the 2016 we succeeded in manufacturing first windows in the HFL technology. To fulfil this task, we purchased the Schirmer advanced processing centers, which were placed in a newly open production facility. The HFL system enables to join PVC profiles at the angle of 90 degrees that is characteristic for timber windows. In this way windows gain an extremely unusual look and they mimic timber windows perfectly. The HFL technology is especially popular among our Dutch customers. In 2017 we entered the UK market. Our production facilities were expanded with state-of-the-art machine tools for out-swung casement windows. Production was launched in the beginning of September. We have become one of the few window manufacturers in Poland who feature out-swung casement windows in their product range and the only Polish manufacturer capable of making them in large quantities. The new 2018 era began with us launching a new line of perimeter fencing, SAFE HOME. These are end-to-end, high-quality merchandise, complete with a range of fence span products, gates and wickets. The SAFE HOME line is available in over ten unique and precision-made designs. Depending on the product level (Standard, Elegance and Prestige), the fencing spans can feature traditional and simple designs or more complex and refined parts. This is a great collection for our customers to choose from in order to find just the right product to harmonize with their project.

Eko-Okna S.A. in numbers:

20 years of experience

4500 employees

75 000 m2 -  - production area

PVC, aluminum, wood – all available windows and doors systems

260 modern, heavy-loaded trucks

6000 clients and trade partners


Anti-bacterial handles – resistance… made of steel


Anti-bacterial handles – resistance… made of steel

A solution for our time. Handles with the anti-bacterial surface will work in all types of constructions.


Products and Services EKO-OKNA S.A.


Windows designed for installation in the insulation layer. The thickness of insulation does not pose a challenge as the Monoblock frames are available in a few variants of width. These windows are dedicated for the French market.   SPECIFICATION: a "B" class profile, the profile depth: 102, 122, 142 or 162 mm, a 5-chamber...

Ideal 8000

The new generation windows. When choosing them, you choose the comfort of warmth, silence and aesthetics. Windows based on the Ideal 8000 system provide thermal and acoustic insulation at the highest level. They are recommended for passive buildings.    SPECIFICATION: a "B" class profile, a 6-chamber structure, ...

Ideal 5000

Windows that combine an innovative design with very good technical parameters. The system with a triple sealing and optionally available with a lower frame that enables to let in more light into every and any room.   SPEIFICATION: a "B" class profile, a 5-chamber structure, the profile depth: 70 mm, as a...


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Eko-Okna S.A. – międzynarodowy producent stolarki

Eko-Okna S.A. – international joinery manufacturer

Product, cooperation, possibilities... Eko-Okna S.A. is an international joinery manufacturer. See how it looks.

Innowacyjne podejście do transportu w Eko-Oknach

Innowacyjne podejście do transportu w Eko-Oknach

Od teraz samochody Eko-Okien bez problemu wjadą do każdego państwa w Europie.

Jak wygląda praca w Eko-Okna S.A.

Jak wygląda praca w Eko-Okna S.A.

Jak wygląda praca przy linii produkcyjnej w EKO-OKNACH, jednej z największych fabryk produkujących stolarkę okienną i drzwiową w Europie? – o tym można przekonać się oglądając film, zrealizowany na terenie zakładu w Kornicach. Narratorem a zarazem przewodnikiem jest tu sam prezes firmy, Mateusz Kłosek, który tym samym zachęca do...