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Siedzbia firmy Veyna przy ulicy Szubińskiej w Toruniu Beton i Corten w ofercie firmy Veyna Przykład realizacji - panel drzwiowy firma Veyna


For many years, VEYNA company has been manufacturing aluminum panels for external doors, thanks to that company is a well-known partner of many construction companies and manufacturers of aluminum and PVC joinery. A modern technological line, based on the work of numerically controlled machine tools, allows to create high-class panels with a varied design. Various glass and metal elements increase aesthetics of the panels. A varied products offer from classic to modern forms allow to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Examples of designs are shown in the attached materials.

To distinguish each technology more easier, panel door has been divided into a six groups:


ECONOMIC LINE - a group of economical door panels


CLASSIC LINE - a group of very popular fillings

TOP LINE - a group of luxury fillings

NEW LINE - a group with new trends in architecture

EXTRA LINE - panels of this group are made only on customer's request

The panels of particular groups are designed to be used as a wing fillings of external and internal aluminum door. It is also possible to use it for doors made of other materials as a filling in PVC, steel and other systems. The method of fixing them in door wings or in the frames should be identical like in other fillings, eg composite glazing in accordance with the documentation of individual systems. The fillings are available as standard in white - RAL 9016 and brown - RAL 8019. We also carry out two-color combinations, as well as in varnished version Synthatec. For the order made according to the client's designs, the manufacturer is not liable in the event of any infringement of the registered design or patent rights. Responsibility for the above belongs to the client.

Complaints and warranty:

In the event of defects and hidden defects - the buyer should submit his complaint in writing within 14 days. If the delivered purchased goods belong to the third party (eg forwarding), the buyer is obliged to check the delivery in the presence of the delivery agent. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of his product and materials used for its production for a period of 5 years.